it’s not the badge…
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Our copiers are configured with a secure printing solution that stores the jobs until the user taps their badge on a sensor and releases them. Recently, we had a user call in claiming that her badge wasn’t working when she tried to print. Now, this particular person is one of our “extra-special” types, so I […]

My Email is not working!
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I received a call from an End-user. This end user is apparently pretty intelligent. Just not on Computers. This user also is a Health Officer pretty high up in the Local Government here. So i guess i should give them a Break, because the stress they are currently under for COVID. This End-user called and […]

Moron and Twat (Solicitors)
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This is another tale from many years ago when I was an indie IT guy in southeastern UK… Amongst my many and varied customers there is a firm of solicitors that have a higher moron-content than most Government departments and who have provided me with several of my more ludicrous stories. This time they’re going […]