Turn off the Computer…
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Tech: “Ok sir I think we will need to turn off your computer please hold the power button down until all the lights go out.” User: “ok done, now what.” Tech: “Just to make sure all the lights and noises have stopped coming out of your computer?” User: “I still hear the fan noise and the […]

Monitor Issues from Solar Flares
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Back in the prehistoric days of computing when monitors were still tube, and before people could verify things easily on the Internet, I had a user that we’ll just call “B”. B believed anything you told her about computers. One day her monitor turned off, and she called me up. I went over there and […]

Wireless Monitoring Monitor
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I like to keep spare monitors and such around my desk. One day a user walks in and asks how we knew she had gone to a ‘bad’ website. We didn’t really know, our firewall just blocked her and gave her a small warning…. but I saw no reason to let her know that. I […]