Wireless Monitoring Monitor
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I like to keep spare monitors and such around my desk. One day a user walks in and asks how we knew she had gone to a ‘bad’ website. We didn’t really know, our firewall just blocked her and gave her a small warning…. but I saw no reason to let her know that. I pointed to the two unplugged monitors laying around my desk and said that they were set up to do pop-ups with a message when users do things they shouldn’t. She pointed to one that obviously had no cords going to it (not even power). I said, very seriously, that it monitored the “wireless” portion of our network.

To this day, she still stares at those monitors in apprehension whenever she comes into our offices. I don’t even need them there anymore, but the look on her face makes them a permanent fixture of my office.

Submitted by James M.

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