Brain Freeze
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Not long ago I picked up a call from one of our “special” l-users who was having an issue saving her input in a web application. Already skeptical based on the source of the call and the fact that this issue hadn’t been reported previously by one of our users that actually does their job, I nevertheless remoted in to her PC to see what was happening. So, she goes through the process of filling out a form in the app and then hits Ctrl-S. Naturally, the web browser pops up a dialog saying that the content of the page may not be completely saved due to the scripting, etc. I asked her why she used Ctrl-S to save in the app and she says something along the lines of, “That’s how I save everything.” I asked her if she was sure and explained that the shortcut in question may work well in Office apps and even many others, but web applications tend to use buttons rather than keyboard shortcuts. Still, she was adamant that it should work for her in this case. At that point, I took control of the mouse and scrolled the page down to the bottom where the “Submit” and “Cancel” button were visible. At that point, she stopped dead in the middle of her explanation and said, “I think I just had a brain freeze.” Obviously…

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