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So, we have a new building on the way to replace one that’s very outdated. One day, we get an e-mail from some clerical person who’s putting together a phone list for the new building, asking if the everyone will keep their numbers after the move or if they will change. Immediately, about 50 sarcastic responses pop into my head along the lines of, “No, we’re changing them all because we like doing extra work!” Never mind the fact that a phone list is completely unnecessary if management & staff make the effort to keep us up to date on changes since the phone numbers are stored in AD and would, therefore, be available via Outlook or O365.

Luckily, one of my colleagues had the presence of mind to respond politely that, as far as we know, there will be no changes. My knee-jerk, “DUH, STUPID!!!”, might not have been as well-received.

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