My headphones don’t (net)work!
My headphones don’t (net)work! avatar

A user called the IT helpdesk in a panic, complaining that their headphones weren’t working. I sighed. This was, after all, a very… ummmm… ‘sharp’ user we were talking about. After a few minutes of troubleshooting, I finally realized I would have to walk over to their desk and put eyes on the problem. As […]

Psychics R Us, you do it, we knew it!
Psychics R Us, you do it, we knew it! avatar

Got a voicemail from my Dad today whilst logged in remotely for $work. He said the internet connection was down and asked if it was because the contractors were digging to install the new fiber optic cable for the neighborhood he lives in, in advance of them switching over to the fiber optic carrier, and […]