You waited this long…?
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An old client of mine who I’ve had no contact with for over two years when he opted to switch IT companies called me because SentinalOne was still on his Surface Pro and his current IT tech tried and failed to upgrade the Surface Pro to Windows 11 because he claimed S1 was blocking the upgrade.

I tried in vain to tell him that I no longer had the URL, nor the user/pass and 2FA for the old console but he just wanted me to remove it for them. I ended up spending the last 3 hours figuring out how without being able to send a remote uninstallation command (I did so when I switched to my newer company and all the uninstallations indicated they were successful) or the passphrase to give to the new IT tech.

I finally got a response back from Pax8 with very detailed instructions on how to uninstall it, which I promptly sent to the tech. Hopefully he’ll be able to do it.

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