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Last week, I was at my parents’ house, and my dad told me he got this blue screen on his laptop that went away after a few seconds that said he needed to reboot. It was likely one of the notifications from my RMM tool just doing its job, but my dad thought it was a virus, and it never came back. Still, I agreed to take a quick look.

Before my dad even let me touch the laptop, he had to go on this 10 minute long explanation into the most infinitesimally small detail of how he thought it was it was a viris, and I looked and saw nothing and that my Webroot, in none of the last 50 daily scans (even ran a manual scan right then) showed anything. He honestly though Webroot was a virus, and I told him it was the complete opposite, it was the antivirus software I had installed several years prior and would not only stop viruses, and would notify him, it would notify me as well.

He also tried to claim it was slowing down his system, but when I pulled up Task Manager, not only did he have his system up for several days but Excel and several other programs were competing for resources. I told him it was high time he finally got a new laptop after 7 years of owning this one.

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