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A few weeks ago, a client I’ve had for years had an employee who was retiring, so they needed to hire a replacement. The lady they hired, I could tell from the jump, she was going to be trouble.

Within the first two minutes of trying to set up her laptop, she interrupted me no less than half a dozen times with requests for things I literally had on my list to do. I had to tell her that there was a specific order I did things. This was all before I had even unboxed the keyboard.

Oh yes, and she had requested a dual-monitor setup for the laptop, which thankfully was not a problem with the docking station setup already present. The problem was, she brought in two of her own monitors, and she kinda sorta forgot to bring the power cords for them, which were at her house. Oh and she honestly thought I had a set of power cords in my car for them, which weren’t the standard 3-prong plugs either…

Then a few days later, I get a call from her. She’s upset because she can’t, for the life of her, understand why Windows won’t open a brand new window for her whenever she clicked on a folder. I had to sit there and tell her that this was, in fact, the normal way Windows functioned, and since she hadn’t mentioned anything prior, and I wasn’t psychic, I had no way of knowing she wanted her Windows 11 setup to be any different than the default, and that a couple extra mouse clicks was too much of an inconvenience for her, but she eventually got the hint and accepted it.

Then this morning, I get another call from her. She seemed annoyed that her work from Friday was gone all of a sudden. I checked to make sure, and sure enough, the computer had rebooted over the weekend due to some Windows updates that needed to finish. She really got annoyed because, based on the sound of things, she didn’t save any of her work. I told her to save her work before leaving for the day, and to maybe log out at the end of the day,

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  1. Sounds EXTRA special. You’ll probably be posting her antics in here on a weekly basis. Left for the weekend and didn’t save anything? REALLY?? Cuz every PC in the place has a UPS with HOURS of runtime in case there’s a power blip or something? SURE! …and people wonder why we make fun of l-users.

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