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The last few days, I’ve been having issues with $troubleUser. She’s gotten on y case or called for things that were either incredibly insignificant, or complete non-issues.

– Monday: Had to go into the office to set up a computer for a new employee, and of course, $troubleUser was there. She was going on and on about how things weren’t right. And before I even had the chance to do so (I wasn’t even at the prompt yet for it to allow me to enter it), she demanded I set up a strong password for the new employee on the computer. When I didn’t respond quickly enough, she just glared at me and asked “Are you going to reply to me?” She also asked why “Adobe” wasn’t installed yet on the computer, and I told her point blank, “Which Adobe product? Because Adobe is the name of the company.” She left me alone for the rest of the morning.

– Tuesday: She calls because she couldn’t get onto the Internet at all, but the new girl could. I checked and sure enough, she showed as offline on my RMM portal, and asked if she had plugged her laptop into the docking station. “No, I didn’t since I got back to the office and that’s when the problem started.” “Plug it back in.” A few seconds later, well gee golly gosh darnit, she was able to get on the internet again!

– Today: $troubleUser calls because she claims the new girl’s shared drive isn’t “configured right” and her (the new girl’s) computer doesn’t look like her own. I remote in to the new girl’s PC, and everything looks just fine, precisely as it should with a default Windows setup on a new PC, and the share drive looks good as well. $troubleUser complains that $myCompanyName is showing up, then their company share folder shows up, which is exactly how the share folder is SUPPOSED to work, since my company is the one that provides the shared drives for them, and short of completely reprogramming the software they use (which would violate the contract I have to license the software), and the fact it’s working exactly as designed, I have no desire to spend weeks/months redoing it just to kowtow to one unruly user.

$troubleUser was also complained that the checkboxes were next to the folders in Windows Explorer on the new girl’s computer too and wanted them removed. She apparently got her panties in a bunch and doesn’t like them for whatever reason.

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$troubleUser shenanigans avatar

  1. Update: LOL… She emailed me the moment I updated all my tickets in my system and closed them out, emailing me and asking me what the tickets were for. I replied as diplomatically as I could that they were tickets in my system to document my time for the support she needed.

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