But it doesn’t LOOK the same!
But it doesn’t LOOK the same! avatar

The trouble user I posted about a while back, she’s proven to be just as advertised. The other day, she emails me, saying she can’t get to one particular website, and it’s an emergency because it’s critical to her job. I reply back as soon as I could since I was in the midst of something else. Her reply? “I went home for the day, you can work on it next week.”

When I finally was able to remote in to her computer, she has an entirely different problem because the website issue just “fixed itself”. Her new complaint was that ever since she was forced to switch to using Adobe Acrobat Pro from the PDF editor SHE was used to, the PDF presentations she had to do “looked different”. So I had her bring one up to see what she was talking about, and it looked completely normal, which I told her. Her vocal tone became annoyed because she said she was used to the other one, and wanted me to somehow find a way to make it look like the other program, when she wasn’t more specific than saying “it just looked different.” And I didn’t even want to get started with mentioning PowerPoint for doing presentations as opposed to Acrobat, because I didn’t want to confuse her little brain.

I just said she’d have to get used to using Acrobat Pro, because I wasn’t about to tell the company owner to spend a small fortune on a 2nd program to do the same thing as the first one he already paid for, just for a single employee to use, nor would I send him a large bill for all the hours I’d need to spend to make Acrobat Pro look & act the same as the other program she was used to. She hung up shortly thereafter.

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But it doesn’t LOOK the same! avatar

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