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Got a voicemail from my Dad today whilst logged in remotely for $work. He said the internet connection was down and asked if it was because the contractors were digging to install the new fiber optic cable for the neighborhood he lives in, in advance of them switching over to the fiber optic carrier, and inadvertently cut the coax line leading into the house. He also asked if I could remotely test the Internet connection from where I was.

My first thought was, how in the depths of hell would I know whether they cut the coax line or not, considering I live 5 miles away from my parents’ house, and how he just magically expected me to know why his internet connection was down. Secondly, I was (and still am) working on shift, and doing outside work, even personal stuff for relatives, is a big no-no in the organization where I work. Outside said shift days/hours is fine, and I do quite a lot on the side, but during those hours, I’ve told my dad I’m NOT to be contacted for anything other than a family emergency of “$relative is dead/dying” or “$relative is critically ill.” I’ve reminded my dad many times of what days and hours I work, yet he utterly ignores them whenever he has a problem.

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