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This was one of my very first in-person IT support calls back at $University. A sorority girl had spilled margarita mix all over her laptop keyboard and brought it in. She managed to do a rather decent job cleaning out all the margarita mix, and the laptop seemed to boot up with no ill effects. Still understandably concerned, she asked if there was anything else she needed to do, I couldn’t help myself and replied “Yeah, add tequila!”

She got a good laugh out of that.

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  1. A co-worker had a luser with a keyboard that wouldn’t type certain letters. When he arrived at her desk, her checked all of the connections, etc. and then, assuming that maybe something had gotten into the keyboard and stuck under the keys, he picked it up to try to shake it out. As he turned it over, he immediately discovered the cause of the issue as what seemed like an entire pot of coffee (at least a big mug-ful) poured out all over him. For some reason, he was shocked that she hadn’t mentioned the coffee before he started troubleshooting.

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