Holiday Office Party
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Don you just hate this time of year at work? They always have an office party and of course, They are going to try something Technical. Usually something like a presentation, or a speaker.

This year was different. This year, they rented another building, and tried to have everybody participate in an online questions game. So everybody would need to go to a website on their phones, and try to be the fastest with the correct answer. Sound like a great idea!!! NOT! Cell phone coverage was abysmal in that banquet room. But wait, they have WiFi. The guest Network was capped so after a few people got on, it was unusable.

Oh wait, We have the credentials to the private network (I wish i was making this up ). Now They are wanting us to go around and help over 200 people get on this private network with their personal phones.

The Private network was asking for a cert, but you can just ignore that, but the method to ignore it is different depending on the phone.

So after getting everyone on the wifi network, they start the game… The WiFi network couldn’t handle that many people on at the same time. there were 3 Enterprise access points, and they were bombing.

Is there ever going to be a holiday party where IT gets to relax and enjoy ourselves too?

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