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Got a call yesterday from a user I regularly do hourly work for. He said he couldn’t get into his laptop becaise BitLocker was requesting a long code to get back in and he asked me for the code.

I let $user know that I had no idea what the code was, since I never set up BitLocker on any of his Windows devices, so I asked if I could come over and take a look at the laptop. His response?

“Well, it’s with another IT person 50 miles away, because I was having an issue with having two Google accounts on it, so I sent to the other IT guy.”

I let him know that without the laptop itself, it would be pretty much impossible for me to do much of anything, and even if I did, we would need to know which MS account associated with this BitLocker with to even have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting that code.

An hour after I told him this, I get an email saying he really needs that key so he can access the data on his laptop.

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