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We have had issues with our many fax lines for some time. It seemed like every time AT&T did work on one line or the other, two more would stop working. Finally, they dispatched a tech for one of our calls who noticed that a 900-pair line had been cut about halfway through – taking out a number of our lines along with it. AT&T spent the next day replacing the entire cable – so you would think that maybe the issues with the lines would have stopped…NOPE!

We had a couple of issues the following week, but in those cases AT&T was able to resolved them without even coming onsite. Things were looking up, until…

This morning we get multiple tickets about fax lines not working, faxes not being sent, etc., etc. We attempt to open a ticket with AT&T – but their automated system says the line is fine. So, we open another ticket on a different line. This time, they dispatch a tech who shows up and, in about five minutes, figures out that there’s probably a cut cable – AGAIN. He figures out the distance to the break and pulls up his map that shows how the cable runs from the box to our building. While he’s pulling out his gear to start measuring the run, I start pacing it off myself down the street and around the corner by the park. About halfway down the block I see what’s in this picture. The thieves had cut a 20-ft. section out of these two bundles and had tried to take two more but were unable to finish the job – but they did manage to knock out service to the entire neighborhood.

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