My Email is not working!
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I received a call from an End-user. This end user is apparently pretty intelligent. Just not on Computers. This user also is a Health Officer pretty high up in the Local Government here. So i guess i should give them a Break, because the stress they are currently under for COVID.

This End-user called and said they were unable to open their email program. It wouldn’t come up. The user was starting to panic because they were supposed to be getting on a Web Meeting where they were the main speaker and needed email to access the Invite.

I tired to remote in to their computer, but was unable to get in. The user then informed me that they restarted it in hopes it would start working. It was still in the process of shutting down.

I decided to try and save what sanity i had left for the day and go fix the email and walk this user through getting on the Meeting in person.  

When i got to the users Office, I  noticed the laptop was on and connected to the Docking Station. It was logged in.  and placed on the Left Side of the Desk. There are 2 Monitors to the Right of the Laptop. I can see the Desktop on the Laptop and the Monitor all the way to the Right. The Monitor in the Middle was black. 

This user said their email was still not working even after the reboot. I could see based on the taskbar that the email program was open, so I pressed the Power button to turn the Monitor on….

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My Email is not working! avatar

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