First email chain of the day…
First email chain of the day… avatar

For several years, I’ve worked with a psychologist on her computer issues, as her previous IT support person left a lot to be desired. She’s very good in her field, but as far as computers, and sometimes even the laws of physics apparently, she could use a little polish.

She emailed me this morning because her old iPod died, but still had some songs tied to a previous account. She wanted me to get them off it and try to put them onto a new one or her office computer as they were meditations (she also does yoga and relaxation as part of her therapy sessions). I was able to do the extraction over the weekend and this morning she emailed me, asking what my availability was. I replied and told her aside from a Noon lunch meeting, my day was free.

She replied to that email, and her response? “Can you come by at Noon?”

I had to resist the urge to explain to that, barring any change in the laws of physics, or barring possession of a DeLorean, I could not be in two places at once. I simply replied back, reiterated my lack of availability at Noon, and said then that I’d come by at 6 during the time she previously mentioned in the first email while she was doing the group yoga session.

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